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You don't want to spend your valuable time doing it.

You don't want to set workflows, tasks, or tabs up wrong, costing you money.

You want your Filevine working now as it will save you money today to have a working Filevine sooner rather than later.

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Wired Help was started by a team who have been Filevine users since 2016. We know first-hand that optimization and efficiency are at the forefront of operating a successful practice.

We have set up Filevine for different areas of law such as: personal injury law, mass tort law, probate, medical malpractice, bankruptcy, real estate, family law, and worker’s compensation. We have also helped different companies such as real estate companies and lien companies to set up their Filevine.

Filevine has a vast amount of tools, features, and APIs that it can link to such as Zapier. A pro and con of Filevine is that it is fully customizable. As a business owner, you are wasting valuable time and money with the initial setup and customization. Due to the vast features available, you may also be setting up your Filevine incorrectly, wasting your valuable time and money when you have to reset your Filevine. Additionally, you might constantly run into technological hurdles. These are the problems that Wired Help was created to help solve. Get help from Wired Help.


  • ​200 Personal Injury Letters, Motions document generated
  • ​Full personal injury law build out and/or templates
  • ​Full Bankruptcy build out
  • ​Mass tort build out
  • ​20 hour package for Filevine build out
  • ​40 hour package for Filevine build out
  • ​20 hour Zapier automation
  • ​40 hour Zapier automation
  • ​20 hour Workato automation
  • ​40 hour Workato automation
  • ​Quickbooks buildout
  • ​LeadDocket buildout
  • ​HR Project Build Out and/or templates
  • ​Firm Wikipedia Build Out and/or templates
  • ​20 hour of training and support
  • ​40 hour of training and support
  • ​20 hours of data migration
  • ​40 hours of data migration
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Wired Help horizontal png